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 3/01/2009  Professor Alfons Hoffmann (1885-1963)

Professor A. Hoffmann's Medal

 27/11/2007  ARWtr2007 transformers


.          ARWtr2007 transformers

2007. 358 p., Book.

EUR 90.00

ISBN 978-84-612-0115-0


Published & Edited by: Xose M. López-Fernández


This book offers invaluable content for researchers, designers and users of transformers, which was colleted in the Advanced Research Workshop on Transformers 2007 (ARWtr 2007) held in Baiona, Spain



The ARWtr2007 Speakers are strongly involved either with leading transformer work factories or strong utilities and electricity companies




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Electrical Transformers are living a “gold” period from the last three years, since the global demand is being the double compare with previous 25 years. In this new stage under economic pressure traditional habits must be questioned now: ageing technology and conservatism in the approach to innovation are being blamed and have created a situation where reliability is under questions. Close cooperation between users and manufacturers is essential in achieving success in life cycle management of transformers.


  4/10/2007  ARWtr2007 PROGRAMME AVAILABLE

 The ARWtr2007 is already available: ARWtr2007 Programme



 A poster format consists in a space of 1 m. width and 1.50 m. height to allocate the information.



The list of Institution envolved with ARWtr2007 is available at: ARWtr2007 Institutions




As requested the final deadline to submit paper digests is by July 22, 2007


 15/07/2007  *** Available to Order e-Monograph *** "Transformers in practice"


Transformers in practice

Ó 2006 Xose M. López-Fernández

2006. 364 p., Book.

CD support, EUR 30.00

ISBN 978-84-609-7515-9

Publisher:     Xose M. López-Fernández


Xose M. López-Fernández, University of Vigo, Spain

Janusz Turowski,Technical University of Lodz, Poland

Marceli Kazmierski, Power Transformer Institute of Lodz, Poland

Elzbieta Lesniewska, Technical University of Lodz, Poland

Bulent Ertan, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turke



The digital  “Transformers in practice” monograph is the latest presentation of the contemporary state of art in the field of modern transformers, written by some of the best world experts, gathered at the Advanced Research Workshop on transformers ARWtr'04 in Vigo, Spain. Lectures delivered by invited Key Speakers were divided into three main Sections: I. High Frequency Transformers , II. Power Transforfers and III. Instrument Transformers.

 This e-monograph offers invaluable information for designers and users of transformers.  One will  find in this monograph a wide range of subjects including: contemporary economic, design, diagnostics and maintenance aspects of power, instrument and high frequency transformers collected directly from the authors into 22 chapters and 364 pages. The content has never before been published all together.




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 26/05/2007  Flight connections to get Vigo-Baiona


Baiona is connected by motorway from the city of Vigo (15 minutes far. Vigo is well communicated bymeans of a good network of motorways, its airport (Peinador) and its railway station. Santiago de Compostela (Labacolla airpot) and Porto-Portugal (Sa Carneiro airport) are useful international connections with Vigo.


Normally, Airfrance offers a good connections and cheap flights to Vigo via Charles de Gaulle-Paris airport.


 Futher more information:


 15/05/2007  The 80th Anniversary of Professor TUROWSKI will be celebrated in October 30


 Professor Janusz TUROWSKI, the main precursor of the first  ARWtr04 and Co-Director, born in City of Kowel in October 30, 1927. Therefore, Professor Turowski will be his birthday during the ARWtr2007 days.  It is an special oportunity to commemorate the ARWtr2007-80th Anniversary of Professor Turowski.

 * 80th Anniversary

 * "My Road to Science"  by Professor Janusz Turowski

"It was a great satisfaction that my RNM-3D programs are still used in plenty (almost 40) transformer works, universities, and research institutions all over the world - from Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, through Europe, Iran, India, China, to Australia. In spite of over 270 scientific publications, including dozen or so books, in different languages, this acceptance of colleagues from industry delivers me the highest professional satisfaction."


 29/03/2007  FINAL DATES TO BE HELD ARWtr2007


 Due to an important number of proposals final dates for ARWtr2007 are October (28) 29-31,2007.

 A checking of new Deadlines  is recommended.


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