ARWtr2007   S p e a k e r s C Vitae



                                                                                                                Lodz, 10.05.2007


Short  Curriculum  Vitae

Professor Janusz TUROWSKI

Professor Janusz TUROWSKI, DSc, PhD, MSc, Electr. Eng. Full professor (Retired in 2003) in Electrical Machines and Applied Electromagnetics. Since 1949r. with the Institute of Electrical Machines and Transformers (Since 2003 Institute of Mechatronics and Information Systems) Technical University of Lodz (TUL) Poland. Since 1999- full Prof. in Dept. of Intelligent Information Systems, Academy of Humanities and Economics - Lodz.  Doctor Honoris Causa University of Pavia, Italy (1998), Full Member of the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences (1999-), Member of Ukrainian Engineering Academy, Senior Member IEEE (1988-2001), Member of CIGRE-Paris (1964-2001).

Born 1927 in Kowel, Poland (now West-Ukraine). In 1940-46 deported by Soviets to Siberia. Graduated from the TUL with a: MSc and Electr. Engineer 1951, PhD 1958, DSc 1963. Ass. Prof. 1964, Professor 1971 and Full Professor (1978-) in Electr. Machines and Applied Electromagnetism. Vice Dean (1964-69).

Director of the Institute of Electr. Mach. and Transf. (1973-92). Vice-Rector TUL (1990-96) International Co-operation.

President (1976-82) of Polish Assoc. of Theoretical and Applied Electrotechnics-PTETiS. Member (1978-) and Vice-Chairman (1999-2003) Electrical Committee Polish Academy of Science. All-country co-ordinator of fundamental research in Analysis and Synthesis of Electromagnetic Fields (1980-90), Chairman (1979-2001) and Honorary Chairman (2001-) of biennial "Intern. Symposiums on Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Engineering -ISEF". Member of: Polish Main Council for University Education (1990-96), Member of Council for European Education by the Minister of National Education (1996-99) and Sci. Council of Technology Agency (1996-97). Member of EC/PHARE Higher Education Steering Committee (1996-97). Member of: SEFI (1992-96), "Alliance Universities for Democracy"-USA (1992-96), "International Compumag Society" (1996-), of The New York Academy of Science (1994-95), UATI Administrative Board, Paris (1999-2002).

President of Polish UNISPAR Working Group Soc. (1996-), Co-ordinator of EuroUNISPAR Network (2000-) and joint Baltic Sea Innovation Network BASIN (1999-), Editor in Chief of journal "Polish Innovation Market", and others.

Author or joint author about 290 publications, including 12 books individual and 31 chapters in joint books in Poland, UK, USA, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, NATO etc.; cited by other authors more than 990 times, in which 210 abroad.

Main individual books: "Technical Electrodynamics" (Warsaw 1968, 1993, Moscow 1974), "Electromagnetic Calculations of Elements of Electrical Machines and Devices" (Warsaw 1982, Moscow 1986).

Joint author and Editor of books: "Analysis and Synthesis of Electromagnetic Fields" (Polish Acad. of Sciences 1990), "Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Engineering"  (New York 1989, London 1990, 1992, 1994), Joint author "Computational Magnetics" (London 1994), "Modern Electrical Drives (NATO Sci. Series), "Electrical Machines” and others. One of main designers of big ELTA (ABB) Transformer Works.

Consultant of Transformer and Electrical Machines Works in Poland, China, India, Australia, USA, Canada, etc. Invited lectures in Universities and Companies in Italy, USA, UK, Japan, Russia, China, India, Australia, Germany and others. Supervisor of 18 PhD and 3 DSc successful thesis. Author of 450 referee opinions.

Member of ca. 30 International Steering Committees of Conferences in: China 3, Japan 2, Turkey 3, India 2, Russia 4, UK 2, Italy 2, Romania 2, Hungary, Australia, PHARE, Greece 2, Algeria, Poland 10.

Chairman and member of the Editorial Boards of "Rozprawy El."(1975-87) and member of "Archives of Electrical Engineering" 1988-96 of Polish Academy of Science, international scientific journals "Electromotion" and "Australasian Journal of Engineering Education", of ARWtr4 Intern.Techn. Committee and ICEM4 Editorial Board.

Recipient of State Crosses "Polonia Restituta" (1973) and higher rank (1991). Honorary "Medaglia Teresiana" (1998) and "Volta Silver Medal" University of Pavia, Italy (1999). Honorary Member of Polish Assoc. PTETiS (1986), Honorary Chairman of ISEF (2001), 20 scientific and organisational awards of the Minister of Higher Education and others. 1st Award of Polish Federation Techn. Socs.

"Technology Master'2001" award for Program RNM-3D applied in over 36 transformer works and research centres all over the world. Medals of Polish Electricians Associations SEP for Merit in Polish Transformers and Power Systems. 2004  Silver Medal of the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences "For a prominent contribution to the development of the world science, education technology and international cooperation".

Wife Maria Prof. (Univ. of Lodz). 2 sons: Marek PhD Electronics (CFD Research Corp. Huntsville Alabama USA), Grzegorz PhD Med. (Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeon, Chicago USA). ,

Vita of Dr. A. J. Kachler, Nuremberg, Germany

Transformer Consultant in QM and Diagnostics.

Dr. A. J. Kachler, born in 1940 (Czech. Rep.), studied from 1960 – 65 High Voltage Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (Dipl.-Ing.).


 He has worked for more than 42 years in 4 different Companies:
Approximately 7 years in Sweden, Switzerland, USA and 35 years in Germany  

His special fields of experience are:

  • Engineering, Development and Testing of Power Transformers

  • Development and Testing of Air-blast Circuit Breakers

  • Feasibility Studies of  UHV Transmission  beyond 1000 KV

  • Quality Management and Diagnostics of Power Transformers

  • 28 years German Member of IEC TC42 – High-voltage testing technique

  • 35 years Senior Member of IEEE, now Life Senior Member of IEEE

  • 10 years Chairman of the German Transformer Committee (IEC TC14)

  • German Speaker of IEC TC14 for 10 years

  • German Speaker of CENELEC TC14 for 10years

  • He has published 147 papers on Power Transformer Testing, Quality MM and Diagnostics

  • German Expert within CIGRE - Transformer Committee A2 and CIGRE-D1 (materials)

  • Within Siemens he was responsible for

-     Experimental Development (9 years)

-     Head of Power Transformer Testing (16 years)

-     Director of Quality Management and Diagnostics for all Siemens Transformer Factories world wide ( 8 years)

-     Consultant to Siemens Power Transformers (2 years)

 He retired in 6/2005 and he is now a private Consultant for Power Transformer Quality Management and Diagnostics.

 In 2003 he received a Dr. honoris causa Degree from the Technical University of Graz,
Austria, for outstanding achievements in High Voltage Engineering and Testing/Diagnostics.

 In 2005 he received the Professor Hoffmann’s Medal for outstanding merits in the field of
Power Engineering, granted by the Polish Chapter of the Prof. Alfons Hoffmann’s Medal. 

June 10, 2007

Ryszard Malewski

was born on September 3, 1935 in Warsaw, Poland. He obtained his Dipl.Ing. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Warsaw in 1956 and 1958, and his D.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at the Electrotechnical Institute of Warsaw in 1967. He has also earned a teaching qualification title: Dr-habilit. from the Technical University of Warsaw, and the President of Polish Republic granted him the title of Professor.

From 1959 to 1962, he was assistant professor at the High-Voltage Department of the Technical University of Warsaw, where he conducted research on static electrification and measurements of the electrostatic field, in addition to lectures and laboratory exercises.

In 1962 he joined the High-Voltage department of the Electrotechnical Institute of Warsaw where, as research scientist he studied the generation and measurements of pulse power and transient skin effect. Development of compensated-response current-measuring shunts formed the base of his D.Sc. thesis, which was published in the Review of Scientific Instruments in 1968. Subsequently, he worked on the magnetic forming of brittle metals and optical measurements of voltage and current impulses at high potential with the use of Pockels and Faraday effect modulators.

In 1970 Dr Malewski joined Hydro-Québec's Research Institute, IREQ in Varennes, Québec, where he was a senior research scientist in charge of High-Voltage laboratory measurements and test techniques. He contributed to the design and commissioning of the IREQ's high voltage laboratory and developed several specialized measuring devices. He has carried out acceptance test of HV transformers for ~20 years, and has been leading a major project related to reliability of large EHV power transformers in service.

Dr Malewski was appointed adjunct professor at École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1976 and at the University of Waterloo in 1985. He has given courses on HV technology and supervised nine M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, two of whom have gained awards for their outstanding thesis.

In addition Dr Malewski has been contributing to the transfer of technology to developing countries, designing and helping to commission new high-voltage laboratories, teaching at their universities and training engineers in Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, South Korea, Egypt and China. He has been teaching a course on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of HV apparatus at the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland and at Polish Technical Universities.

In 1990 Dr Malewski retired from IREQ and established his own consulting company incorporated in Montréal. With an expertise in the HV technology, test and measuring technique, as well as his vast experience in the area of EHV power transformers he has been serving an international clientele, including Hydro-Québec, Churchill Falls-Labrador Power Commission, Electricité de France in Grenoble, CITEQ and Trench Electric in Canada, EHV-Weidmann in Vermont, State University of Ohio, Southwest Electric Co. in Oklahoma, Hevi-Duty Co. in North Carolina, Haefely in Basel, Dupont de Nemours in Geneva, Weidmann in Rapperswil, Switzerland, CESI in Milan, Italy, Industrias Electricas Mexicanas in Mexico City, KERI and Huyosung Transformer Works in Korea, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen in Germany, Zaporozhtransformer in Ukraine, Polish Power Grid Co, ABB-ELTA, Power Plant Zarnowiec, Energoserwis-Siemens in Poland, Energo-Complex in Chorzów, Poland,  etc.

He has published more than 210 papers mainly in IEEE Transactions but also in IEEE Proceedings, Archiv für Elektrotechnik (Germany), IEE Proceedings (UK), CIGRE papers & ELECTRA (France), ETZ-Archiv (Germany), Optical Engineering, Review of Scientific Instruments, IHS Proceedings, Przegląd Elektrotechniczny, etc. Six publications have won the IEEE Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee Prize, and one the IEEE Power Engineering Society Award. He was also awarded the W.R.G. Baker Prize for the most original paper published in IEEE periodicals in 1983, and Morris E. Leeds Prize for contributions to electrical measurements in 1989.

He was appointed the United Nations expert in the field of high-voltage measurements in 1979. He was elected Fellow of the IEEE in 1980, and served on the IEEE Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee as Subcommittee Chairman, Secretary, Vice-Chairman and the PSIM Committee Chairman in 1978-1992. He was elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering in 1992, and CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques) granted him the Distinguished Member status in 2000. He was convener of CIGRE Working Group 33.03 "High Voltage Test Techniques" from 1989 to 2004, and convener of the International Electrotechnical Commission's TC42, WG8 "Digital Recorders for HV Testing" from 1978 to 1999.

He has obtained Canadian and US patents and several his instruments are now produced and marketed by renowned manufacturers under licensing agreements. Among them a HV impulse analyzer (HIAS) that implements the transfer function method to evaluate the impulse-test result on large HV power transformers, a digital-recorder coupled to the transformer bushing for automatic (unattended) capturing of system generated transients in EHV substations, a fast-response heavy-current measuring shunt, a digital system for processing of partial discharges measured in HV power transformers, a fast response 2,8 MV resistor voltage divider, and many other instruments.

He has specialized in transformer testing, diagnostics of power transformers in-service, and transformer failure-analysis carried out on request of concerned public utilities or transformer manufacturers. Many of his consulting assignments have been related to electromagnetic compatibility to the interference generated by HV


Dr. S. V. KULKARNI is Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. Previously, he worked at Crompton Greaves Limited and specialized in the design and development of transformers up to 400 kV class. The author of 54 professional publications in reputed journals and conferences, he is the recipient of the Young Engineer Award (2000) from Indian National Academy of Engineering. He received this prestigious award for his contributions to Electromagnetic Field Calculations and High Voltage Insulation Design in transformers. He has also been honoured with Career Award for Young Teachers (2001) from All India Council for Technical Education. He bagged Second Best Paper Award at International Conference on Transformers, TRAFOTECH, held in Mumbai in 2002. He has authored a book Transformer Engineering: Design and Practice published by Marcel Dekker in May 2004.

He was born at Dombivli in the State of Maharashtra, India in 1967. He received the B.E. degree (1988) from Bombay University, and the M.Tech. (1990) and Ph.D. (2000) degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

He worked in Transformer Division of Crompton Greaves Limited for 11 years from March 1990 till April 2001. For the initial 3 years he acquired competence in the design of medium and large power transformers upto 315 MVA rating. He was then shifted to the Technology Department which was responsible for upgradation of design and manufacturing processes of transformers. His research contributions were primarily in the optimization and performance improvement of large transformers and shunt reactors. He significantly reduced the material cost of transformers through Value Engineering approach. Analysis and control of eddy current losses in structural parts of transformers have been his most important contributions in which he made an extensive use of analytical and numerical techniques backed by experimental verifications. He has used statistical techniques like Orthogonal Design of Experiments for high voltage insulation design and electromagnetic field calculations. He was associated in design and manufacture of largest rating transformers (generator transformers, autotransformers and furnace transformers) in India. In 1998 he did technology forecasting for transformers upto year 2015 by using Delphi method in which panel of national and international experts was formed.

After joining Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2001, he has been actively working in the area of efficient finite element computations and coupled field computations. He is also working in the area of power distribution analysis / automation and distributed generation. He has done a number of consultancy works for transformer and power industry. He organized a Continuing Education Program “Design, Operation and Maintenance of Transformers” in 2003 for transformer industry and academia in India. He has served on Technical and Advisory Committees of national and international conferences. His research interests include optimization and reliability improvement of transformers, efficient finite element computations, coupled field computations, high voltage insulation design and power distribution engineering.

Stanislaw M. Gubanski

Professor in High Voltage Engineering (1996), Fellow of IEEE (2001). He received M.Sc. (high voltage engineering) and Ph.D. degrees (material science) from the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, in 1973 and 1976, respectively. He was a Research Fellow at the University College of North Wales Bangor, U.K., from 1976 to 1977 and a senior lecturer at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland, from 1977 to 1988. Afterwards he was associate professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Currently, he is Professor in High Voltage Engineering at the Department of Manufacturing and Materials Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg and research leader at High Voltage Valley in Ludvika, Sweden. He chairs the IEEE-DEIS Nominations Committee. He is also convener of the CIGRE Task Force D1.01.14 “Dielectric Response Methods for Diagnostics of Power Transformers”. In 2005 he was awarded with the CIGRE Technical Committee Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to the work of Study Committee D1 – Materials and Emerging Technologies.


was born on October 20, 1950 in Torun, Poland. She obtained her Dipl.Eng. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Lodz in 1974 and her Ph.D. in 1983. The title D.Sc. she obtains in 1997. From 1999 she works as a professor at the Technical University of Lodz.

From 1974 she began works in Institute of Electrical Engineering and from 1991 in Department of Applied Electrical Engineering & Instrument Transformers. She specializes in electrical engineering especially in theory of electromagnetic fields and instrument transformers. Since many years she cooperates with constructors of instrument transformers worked in industry.

Author or joint author of 72 publications, 3 patents and 2 printed series of course lectures.




Ernesto PEREZ

Ernesto Perez obtained his Master in  Industrial Engineering in Politecnic  University  of  Madrid  in  1993.

He has been working in substation apparatus diagnostics since 1993. His expertise is devoted to testing and diagnose  power  transformers  and  asset  management.  Working for UNION FENOSA  DISTRIBUCION  Utility  since  1999  in the substation maintenance organization. 

Mr. Pérez was promoted  to  Quality  Assurance  Dept and he is responsible  of  quality of products and homologation of all HV apparatus   and  services since  2007 .  

He is member of CIGRE Working Groups both  for Transformer Diagnostics.WG    A2.26.   and  WG  A2.34.

Mr. Pérez has  participated  in around fifty colloquia and simposia presenting more  than  35  articles,  contributions,  papers  and  presentations  in  both domestic and international events.

Jeewan PURI

has an M.S (EE) degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois

 He is presently working as a consultant and possesses expertise in the areas of  design and development of Power, Distribution and Dry Type transformers. He provides consulting services to Transformer Manufacturing and Industrial/Commercial and Electrical Utility industries.

 He is an active Senior Member of the IEEE Transformers Subcommittee. He chairs the Audible Sound and Vibration Subcommittee dealing with the standards for the measurement and mitigation of sound levels in transformers.

 He possesses forty years experience in the design and development of transformers. He has worked for world class manufacturers like Westinghouse, ABB, Cooper Power Systems and Square D Co. in management and analytical capacities. 


was born on August 21, 1969 in Bilbao, Spain. He obtein his Dipl. Eng in Electronic Engeneering  in 1991 and M.Sc in Electric Engeneering in 1995 at Technical University of  Bilbao. From 1995 to 1998 worked as technical responsible of an industrial facility. Since 1998 works for Iberdrola Distribución in maintenance activities of subestation´s equipment, overhead and underground high voltage and low voltage lines and low voltage transformers. Since 2005 works at the department of  power transformers of Iberdrola Distribucion, and he is responsible of specification of equipment and homologation of suppliers of Power Transformers and responsible of the definition of maintenance´s activities(engennering of maintenance).

He has been member  of diferent international projects related to power quality and maintenance, and has participated in several colloquia and simposia, some of them organize by CIGRE IEEE (Montreal 2003). Now he is member of CIGRE Working Group A2-34: “Guide for transformer maintenance”






First name:       Bernhard

Surname:          Heinrich

Date of birth:    2. June 1960 in Switzerland


Electrical Engineer B. Sc.:

I got my degree in 1985 at the University of applied sciences Winterthur (ZHW) in Switzerland


Factories I worked for:


BBC / ABB (1985 – 1990):

    • Electrical development department for metal oxide surge arresters


- EW St. Moritz; Power Distribution Company in Switzerland; 10000 Customers; typical size for an distribution company in Switzerland (1990-2000):

    • Responsible for Energy distribution (calculation of power flow, network construction, maintenance among other tasks)


 - Weidmann Electrical Technology AG (since 2000):

o    Manager Electrical Research and high voltage testing group

o    Author and co-author of many Weidmann papers presented at different conferences worldwide.


Miguel OLIVA

Miguel Oliva has received a Master Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Seville, Spain and a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wales, UK.

 Since 2004, he is Technology Manager for Shell Form Transformers in the ABB transformer manufacturing facility located in Cordoba, Spain. And, since 1998, he has been with ABB involved in transformer design and engineering activities. 

Miguel is presently the Spanish delegate in the CIGRE A2 Transformer Committee and member of the CIGRE Spanish National Committee. He is also an active participant in the IEEE transformer committee meetings. He has participated and contributed with papers and presentations in different international symposia and colloquia. In the previous edition of the ARWtr in 2004, he presented a paper and gave a lecture named “Universal Network-Link Transformer: The polytransformer concept”.



Pierre BOSS







Professional Experiences


Since 1975 :              


ABB Sécheron SA / Geneva (CH)

·  Head of Lab for Material Testing and Development of the Transformer Division

·  R&D Manager 1990 – 1997

·  Since 1998, Head Technical Support and Business Development group Service


1972 - 1975 :             


 BBC / Mannheim (D)

· Development Activities in GIS and SF6 HV Breakers  


1967 - 1972 :             


BBC Sécheron SA / Geneva (CH)

· Development Activities in Lab for Material Testing, in Lab for HV Tests and in the Group for Computer  Programming of the Division Transformers


Professional Education


1966 - 1967 :  


Institut of Physics, University of Neuchâtel (CH):

· General Physics, Chemistry and  Mathematics


1960 - 1966 :


Technical School - Le Locle /NE (CH) :    

· Apprenticeship in electro-mechanic, 1964

· Technical Engineering Diploma (ETS) in Electrotechnics, 1966



Other activities


Chairman of Study Committee of CIGRE A2 « Transformers » since 2004


Receive the Professor Hoffmann’s Medal for outstanding merits in the field of
Power Engineering, granted by the Polish Chapter of the Prof. Alfons Hoffmann’s Medal in 2007


Swiss Delegate within CIGRE SC A2 (Transformers) / 2000 - 2004


Delegate in the Swiss National Committee of CIGRE/CIRED since 2001


Member of  Electrosuisse - Swiss Electrician Association since 1971


Member of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) since 1989


Member of SEE – French Electrician Association since 2001


Individual Member of CIGRE since 2000


Delegate within TF and WG of TC10 and TC14 of CEI and CENELEC


Convenor  of WG15-01 of CIGRE / 1995 - 2000


Convenor of IEC TC10 in the Swiss Electrotechnical Committee since 1989




Use of distributed optical sensor to measure temperature profils in transformer windings (co-author).


Publications (extract)


Compression Tests on Transformer Winding Models. Conférence ICEM - Lausanne - 1984 (co-author).


Non-Cellulosic Insulating Materials for Design and Engineering Practice in Liquid-Cooled Power Transformers. Conférence CIGRE SC12 - Helsinki – 1985.


Practical Experiences with Fiber Optic Temperature Measurements for Power Transformers. Conférence CIGRE SC12 - Helsinki - 1985) (co-author).


PD-Measurements on All-Synthetic-Film/Oil Impregnated Insulating Systems. Conférence CIGRE SC12 - Helsinki – 1985.


Faseroptische Messung des Temperaturprofils einer Transformatormodellspule. Bulletin ASE/UCS - 1989 (co-author).


Detection of mechanical changes by frequency response analysis. Conférence CIGRE SC12 - Graz - 1991 (co-author).


Prevention against DC Current Flowing through AC Systems. Conférence CIGRE SC12 - Graz - 1991 (co-author).


Diagnostic Tools for Transformer in Service. Conference CIGRE  - Berlin – 1993 (co-author).


Detection and Location of Internal Defects in the Insulation of Power Transformers. IEEE Transaction on Electrical Insulation – 1993 (co-author).


Study on inappropriate transformer trippings by Buchholz  relays. Conférence CIGRE – Paris – 1996 (co-author).


Measurement of the Temperature Profile in Transformer Windings with Optical Distributed Sensors. Conf. EPRI – New Orleans – 1997 (co-author).


Use of Active Noise Control (ANC) Technology to Quiet Power Transformer. Conférence CIGRE – Paris – 1998 (co-author).


Economical aspects and practical experiences of power transformer on-line monitoring. Conference CIGRE – Paris – 2000 (co-author).


Life Assessment of Power Transformers to prepare a Rehabilitation based on a Technical-Economical Analysis. Conference CIGRE – Paris – 2002 (co-author).


Practical Experience with the Drying of Power Transformers in the field, applying the Low Frequency Heating Technology. Conference CIGRE – Paris – 2004 (co-author).


Interaction between power electronic components and distribution transformers –

Risk evaluation and mitigation techniques. Colloquium CIGRE A2 – Moscow – 2005 (co-author)