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The Royal Village of Baiona


The venue of the ARWtr2007 will be the Royal Village of Baiona, which lies just on the Atlantic shore belonging to well known natural estuaries originated by rivers, shaped by chain of beaches and protected by mountains, called in Galician lenguage Rias Baixas.


Baiona, a major trading centre in the Middle Ages, as a Royal Village has its own place

in the history when was the first in the Old World in knowing news about the New World, later called America. Such historical moment was in March 1493, when the Columbus’s first ship Carabela la Pinta, commanded by Pinzón and piloted by the Galician pilot Sarmiento, arrived in the town.


Nowadays, Baiona is one of the most attractive coastal towns in Galicia, the green community in the north-west of Spain. The Old Town of Baiona was awarded as Spanish historically and artistically Interesting Area in 1993.




 in  B a i o n a:           

W i n e & S e a f o o d  

***** Albariño Galician wine


The mild temperatures throughout each harvest give the ideal conditions which, besides the unique characteristics, making it an excellent raw material for one of the best quality white wine: Albariño


The aromatic Albariño grape grows in very small clusters hardly weighing within the Rias Baixas Denomination of Origen, which refers to geographically demarcates the region where the mythical grape from which the most prestigious white wine is made.


***** Seafood


Baiona offers the best seafood, shrimp makes a delicious appetizer, as do squid, cuttlefish, served fried or in their own ink, and crab. Barnacles gather the quintessence of all the sea flavours. Others are eaten raw, like the fine cockle and its oyster. Another group of seafood which make delicious dishes include the spider crab and its three flavours, spring lobster, lobster, king prawns, scallops and cockles, in their uncountable variety of sauces, along with the nourishing and accessible mussel.

The final seafood worth mentioning, considered humble because it is eaten every month of the year in every fair in Galicia, is the octopus "á feira", i.e. cooked, sliced, sprinkled with paprika and salt, and dressed with olive oil.



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