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ARWtr2007 congratulates Professor Janusz TUROWSKI


The edition of ARWtr2007 will celebrate in the Royal Village of Baiona the 80th Anniversary of Professor Turowski who born in the City of Kowel in October 30, 1927




 within The Institute  of Electrical Machines and Transformers- TULodz

" From the very beginning I was fascinated by the beauty and the mathematical capability of Maxwell's electromagnetic field theory and its design effectiveness. Non-linear magnetic and thermal processes and their linearisation for rapid design are additional fascinating scientific challenges.

I was very happy to introduce this high-level science to electrical machines and transformer engineering practice, not only in Poland. Before introduction of this innovation into my specialisation, practically only magnetic circuit laws were used. Maxwell's theory and vector calculus was often misinterpreted as "too difficult and too abstract for engineering education". I understood at that time that reasonable eddy current analysis is not possible without Maxwell's theory and vector calculus..."

"My Road to Science" by Professor J. Turowski






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